Monday, March 14, 2011

What a day =.=

haiyaaa. I almost jd gilaa eh sitting with jacky,alin,kak yati and vict this morning. Pembuli ! Haiihhh. Mcm2 la their idea mw kcw aqu. Phone baru,org kaya laa dorg cap. Eeeeeeee. Fed up yawww~ I think all of this will be going over and over for 1 weeks. I hope so =.= Jacky less sot already compare to yesterday. Yeay for that :) The best part of today is...........................aqu msg ngn dya for the whole day! huhu. Yeaaa. Im really happy. Ingt dya. Texting. Jiwang and all that. huhu. But,one thing that shocked me a lot [ just keep that secret between aqu n dya ja la] really2 make me think twice. Hmpphhh. Y Y Y ? Ok laa. Im done here. Lost words already. Nite guyss ! :)

some crazy stuff i done :)

amit and ME.

mai and ME.


 ME. Fcuk. :)

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