Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Do you know how much i missed you ?
Freaking much ;(
Do you missed me that much too ?
Cause sometimes i felt that you didn't feel the same way i felt.

I hate the  arguement and all that misunderstandings.
I try to change.
I dont want to be an obsessed maniac that got jealous too easy.
But,the way that ur EX behave,poking me on Facebook, and then use your pic with her together as her profile picture and changed it frequently,
do you know how was all that made me feel ?
I feel that both of you were stil together although you're not.
It's freaking hurt.
I guessed you knew after all.
But,i dont blame you.
I know she's prettier and nicer than me.
No wonder you couldn't forget her.

But,no matter what and who she is,
I always remember that i stil have that same spot in your heart sweety :')
kan kan kan ? ;p
If tidak,tedala saya kena kasi manja manja kn ?
Saya rindu mw dating sama qw !
*getek mode on. HAHA. 

Heyy,please come back home faster ahh ?
I really missed you.
Your smile and your laugh.
And your love will always be my drugs sweetheart :')

Okayy,i couldn't type anything else.
Holding tears are much difficult.
Always remember me ahh sayang ?
And our memories.
And remember.
Saya sayang ini relation :')
and saya always akan sayang qw bie .
Much love from me.
Mmmuaahhx !

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

♥ My sunshine ♥

Do you know how much i miss you ?
Do you know how miserable i am all alone by myself here without you ?
Perlu sabar menanti hari kan syg ?

Saya nda kesah qw lmbt text or reply saya punya text.
Ada reply or text satu pun,that's good enough for me.
Atleast saya tw qw masii ingt saya ;)
Despite qw lupa saya punya amanat  >.<
Nvm,saya nda mara pn. Trip seja. Tehee ;p

You know what ?
Although kita nda kapel or declare anything or whatever,
saya happy begini. Serious mmg bahagia ;)
Qw jaga saya btl btl,
sabar dgn gaya saya yg mcm saitan neh,
and tahan kena buli sama saya. HAHA
Sorryy ;p
Demi qw,saya mw berubah.
Saya ndamw suda mara mara,kuat cemburu,tuduh melulu or anything yg bikin relation kita hambur dulu.
If can,i want you to be happy with me every seconds,every hour,everyday and everytime syg :')
Mcm yg saya rasa skrg ;)

You did told me the things that you like about me right ?
my happy-go-lucky mood ;p
You said everytime we met,stress tu hilang.
Becoz gaya gila gila saya. Tehee ;)
Heyy,mw jumpa kesayangan kan?
Of course laa happy happy bhaa. Hha.
And saya suka bila saya kena manja sama qw. Hehe.
Saya pn suka manja sama qw. HAHA.

Do you know what i like the most about you ?
Why it's hard for me to forget you ?
Becoz qw baik sangaaaaaaaaaat sama saya.
And penyabar.
You know how hard it is to find someone just like you ?
And im lucky to loved by you.
Saya nda akan sia sia kan qw.
Trust me syg ;)

I always say 'Yakin seja '
Yes,soo,yakin seja sama relation kita nehh.
If tiba tiba rasa unsure and sangsi,kita yakin seja.
You always crossed my mind sweetheart.
Remember that.

Imissyoufreakingmuch !
I only miss you when im breathing.
Loveyou syg.
Much love from me  ;)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

8th day work ;)

Heyy ;)
Sorry i didn't update yesterday.
Not in mood to type anything >.<

Yeah,awal awal pagi sda luka. Grrrr.
Luckily not serious =.=

Today's Monday.
So,im not that busy this morning.
Alone lagi.
My supervisor and my partner start working at 1pm.
Serious nasib baik nda ramai customer ohh =.=

Break i went out with Wani ;)
Lunch KFC. 
How to save money ohh ? o.O

Night time I started to busy a little bit.
And my back started to hurt again.
Argggghhh =.=

My shift ended at 830pm.
My parents fetched me.
Went back home and playing with my hamsters. HAHA
Bising bhaa di dapur td. Ramai-ramai sana. Hha.
Hilang rasa penat ;)
Bhaa,no need to story panjang-panjang.
Skyping with sis ;D

hamster c adeq ;)

Wuuu~ merah mata ;D

Bulunya panjang mcm penyapu. HAHA

Wanii ;) Her kembar work with me looo . Tehee~~

This razor caught my attention. Setakat cukur bulu ketiak takpaya laa mw lawa-lawa. HAHA.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

My super craziee day =.= HAHA

Today's Saturday.
My 6th day working at Parkson Ria Labuan.
And my first Saturday working here.
Today my shift was from 11am till 10pm =.=

A lot of customers came.
Penat juga laa melayan.
Tp,paling penat buat housekeeping.
Sakit belakang ohhh >.<
But , i think, penat lagi my colleagues layan aqu ;p
I was super duper hyper todayy. HAHA
Bikin annoying. Hha.
I also dont know why. Hee.
Soryy laa.
Just being myself todayy ;D
*paling annoying bila manager rajiiiiiiiiin betul turun =.=
terpaksa trip buat kerja ;p

Sii getek sempat juga visit td.
Then,terus ilang.
Teda roger-roger lagi tuu.
grrrr >.<

Break with Kero , Wani and kawan Kero.
We went to SCR.
I was freaking hungryy that time.
Licin bhaa pinggan. HAHA.

My sister fetched me because my parents went out for dinner.
Serious im tired.
Skyping with sii getek ;p
Nightt .

Wuuu~ uniform. PUNYA NDA SIUKK PAKAI =.=

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Second offday ;)

Holla ppl ;p
wuuu~ today was my off day.
Woke up late looor. HAHA.
Then,around 12 something,i went to uk.
I forgot to bring my duty roster yesterday =.=
So,i went to my work place.
Sii Abby tgh layan customer.
Biar. Kacau sejaa. Hee ;p

After that,i went to my sis's office.
Had lunch together ;)
Nyumnyummm~~ ;D

My dad fetched me around 2 something. 230pm i think o.O
I thought we were going straight home,but then my dad went to area Bebuloh instead.
Jauhh gilaa.
Tertidur tidur di kereta. LOL.
Then,we went to sana Tanjung Aru.
Makan petang.
I had my ABC.
Paling kick minum time cuaca panas. Weheee ~~ ;p
After reached home pn,bkn dapat tidur. HAHA.
Online and watched tv. Boringg ehh >.<

At night,went out with my sis sii getek ;p
We bought burgers and some drinks.
Stay at dataran.
Chit chat etu ini. Blablablablabla ~~
Siuk jg laa ;p
She sent me home around 11 something. Teheee ;)
Alaaa,after this she'll be going back to kk.
Practise for her upcoming futsal tournament.
Aigooo~ Punya nda siukk : /
Nvm,balik jugak tuu p Labuan.
Bakar tuu kk lw dya nda balikk ;p

Tomoro start working at 11am.
Maiigadd. Confirm a lot of people go shopping tomoro.
Bhaa, im off to bed.
Nightt yougaizz .
Much love.

ABC RM2.50 each ;)

Sii getek ;p

super random pic of me =.= HAHA

Friday, May 11, 2012

What a dayy . Pffttt =.=

10th May 2012.
Punya sohai laa.
Today a lot customers came back to return their items.
Tired ehh went to the customer service over and over again.
Then,got lagi this one customer 'tambirang'.
Haiihh,luckily im not the one who served him.
Sure speechless that =.=
Plus i accidentally cut my finger.
That stupid cutter >.<
But,the customer punya baik.
She helped me to fill in the warranty card after saw my finger bleed.
Later abes tu kad berdarah-darah.
Why cant every customer be like her ohhh ?
Ahhh,malas mw fikir.

Break time with aren and few colleagues.
Mkn kepsi.
No money liao =.=

Yeayyy ! tomoro is my offdayy.
Weheee~~ ;D

Bie,saya sayang qw sorang. 
Dont worry laa ;)

That's all.
Nightt ppl .
Much love .

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Off day ;D

Wuuuu~ Today's my off day.
Stay at home the whole day =.=
Nothing to do lehh.
Online and eat over and over again >.<

But then,went out with sis at night.
She had her futsal match.
So,ikt seja laa ;D
imissher bhaa ;(

After she finished,we went to medan selera.
lepaklepak urg bilang ;p
Reached home around 1145pm.
Changed cloth.
Then started to unpack my luggage.
My luggage when i left matriculation. HAHA.
Malas bhaa ;p
Ofcourse my cupboard will be full again after this =.=
I need a new cupboard. BIGGER. HAHA.

Bhaa,tomoro i'll start work at 1pm.
Weheee~~ ;D
Sleep and wake up late laaa this ;p

That's all.
Gonna skype with my sis sii getek ;p

Nightt ppl 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

♥ Im sorry ♥

Im sorry.
Sorry for hurting you.
Sorry for my mistakes. 
Sorry for last night.

I got confused before.
But not now.
I've been falling for you over and over again.
And it getting stronger and stronger.

Thanks for letting me know that i'm someone special to you.
I appreciate that.
And,please,dont let me go.
I dont want to walk away from you nor you walk away from me.
Hold me tight bie ;(

You're the one that always crossed my mind.
You're the one that I alwas missed.
And you're the one that i love.

Please,dont walk away after all the things we have been through together.
I do.
So much.

Monday, May 7, 2012

1st day work ;D

i start working today ohhh.
Parkson : Electrical department ;)

At 1st ,of course laa nervous ohh.
But then,my partner taught me a lot.
He's very nice lehhh.
And my other working partner also very nice.
I knew her before,so yeahhh ! it's awesome ;D

Today my shift is from 930am till 830pm.
Very tired owww.
Had to stand most of the time =.=
Curicuri duduk laa. HAHA

Break 1pm till 2pm.
I had my lunch with my sis ;p

My parents fetched me.
Reached home,took off my vest and went play with Chicaro (atlast i found a name for my hamster. HAHA)
Took my shower then do my laundry.
Freakin tired and sleepy =.=
Im going to bed now.
Toodlezzz~~ ;)

Saturday, May 5, 2012

New pet ;p

Heyyy,i bought a hamster ;D
I want to own one since forever =.=
Now baru dpt >.<

I dont know what to name her.
Nvm,i never gave name to my pets before ;p

Tomoro going to buy her a cage.
And food.
Adiosss ~ ^^

♥ YOU ♥

But,i really dont want to be in any realationship now.
I hope u understand.

I do miss our good times,but it's different now.
U have her.
So,please gently let me go.