Friday, May 11, 2012

What a dayy . Pffttt =.=

10th May 2012.
Punya sohai laa.
Today a lot customers came back to return their items.
Tired ehh went to the customer service over and over again.
Then,got lagi this one customer 'tambirang'.
Haiihh,luckily im not the one who served him.
Sure speechless that =.=
Plus i accidentally cut my finger.
That stupid cutter >.<
But,the customer punya baik.
She helped me to fill in the warranty card after saw my finger bleed.
Later abes tu kad berdarah-darah.
Why cant every customer be like her ohhh ?
Ahhh,malas mw fikir.

Break time with aren and few colleagues.
Mkn kepsi.
No money liao =.=

Yeayyy ! tomoro is my offdayy.
Weheee~~ ;D

Bie,saya sayang qw sorang. 
Dont worry laa ;)

That's all.
Nightt ppl .
Much love .

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