Thursday, May 10, 2012

Off day ;D

Wuuuu~ Today's my off day.
Stay at home the whole day =.=
Nothing to do lehh.
Online and eat over and over again >.<

But then,went out with sis at night.
She had her futsal match.
So,ikt seja laa ;D
imissher bhaa ;(

After she finished,we went to medan selera.
lepaklepak urg bilang ;p
Reached home around 1145pm.
Changed cloth.
Then started to unpack my luggage.
My luggage when i left matriculation. HAHA.
Malas bhaa ;p
Ofcourse my cupboard will be full again after this =.=
I need a new cupboard. BIGGER. HAHA.

Bhaa,tomoro i'll start work at 1pm.
Weheee~~ ;D
Sleep and wake up late laaa this ;p

That's all.
Gonna skype with my sis sii getek ;p

Nightt ppl 

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