Sunday, May 29, 2011

My new fonn ! :)

 I just bought a new phone yesterday.
LG T300 mini cookie.
Rm299,Free MC 4GB and screen protector.
Fully touch screen ^^

Matriculation. Orientation week SUCKZ !

O YEAHHHH ! It feels sooooo fcuking awesome when we were allowed to go home for holidays. FCUKYEAHHH!
Rasa mcm kem PLKN plaa.

I slept only for 2 FCUKING HOURS EVERYDAY.
Took shower twice, 4AM and 1230AM.
For 5 days,i only ate rice like 2-3 times.[masa tia cukup,roti and chipsmore ja jd alas perut tuk seminggu tuh]
I had rash all over my body.
Scolded by the facilitator EVERY FCUKING DAY.
My laundry tia sempat kering coz hujan.
Forced to seat on the fcuking flat hard floor for like 8HOURS everyday.

GOSH. Teruk kn ? Yg paling aqu tia thn,duduk lam dewan laa. I think my spine rusak sua ehh.
Mmg happy berabish laa when we were told that kami cuti for 5days.
Wuhuuu !
That friday ,after majlis penutupan jg kami balik this.
A lot of things lagi mw beli,i mish my bed,i mish my refreshing shower, wash my laundry,and i mish SHOPPING MALL. LOL.

My roommate.
1 dari Sarawak,1 dari KK and 1 dari Penampang.
Ok laa juaa.
Just hope that dorg ney open and sporting. Huhu.

And aqu masuk lam kelompok for pemilihan Netball di sana.
Adehh,byk lg yg dari Sabah.
Sabah mmg slalu terer2.
malu aqu eyhh.

HA ! Ney yg aqu mw gtw kmo neyh.
*Ok maaf,lari niat sebentar. Cuci mata bha. HAHA,

This tuesday baru masuk balik.So,shopenx and outing laa. Hehe.

Bhaa,im done. Teda pa lg mw d type.
After this,mmg lama laa lg aqu update.
Be patient ok ?

LOve y'all !

T.CARE ! Mwahhx !

*Wanna take shower. Going out with my bestie. Beli barang. Im pretty sure we'll meet ramai budak matrik di bandar. HAHA.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

1st day in COLLEGE. LOL

Anyeoong~~ :)
Well,today is the registration day for Matriculation [and tomorrow] . I woke up at 7am [Damn,i still sleepy ouhh that time. Cam tiamw p jaa. Hee. ]
Last night sleep at 3am. 12am bru start packing. LOL. Yesterday,i were out like the whole day. Packing lom lg. Blek umh 11 sumthing. HAHA.
So,my bags,mcm mw p outstation bertahun-tahun neyh. LOL. I was like sumbat everything i could. Hee.
Then,off to college like 8 sumthing and reached there around 9am.

Hellah ! There were a lot of people ouhh. But,paling penting,byk jejaka MACHO ouhh. HAHA. *ok,niat slh sua neyhh. Oh wait,who cares ? HAHA.
Register,then went to the asrama. Im in Block B,Shar in block A and B in block D. =.=  Went to my room and fcuk. Punya berhabuk. My dad and i started cleaning.
We decided to go buy some stuff , eat and went home.

P beli rantai mangga,Downy Passion ^^ , pencuci lantai and torchlight [actually ada sua 1. Tp,lwa bha tuh torchlight td. Smart. P la beli. Hee ]
3 sumthing  we make our move.
Reached there,still got many people there.
In my room,ada pla sorg roommate ngh tdo.
GOSH. I felt guilty mw kasi bersih.
Coz,my dad laa. Bising btl. Nahh,she woke up this. Haiih.
So,after moping,kasi kunci almari [i left some of my bags di sana. Hee . Mls mw bw balek] kami balek.
Oh yeaa,i managed to ask my roommate tuh,whether she stay there tonight or tomorow ?
Waahh~Tonight. Setahu qu,roommate yg lg 1,stay hotel,aqu stay umh,dunno yg lg 1 tuh. [4 of us stay in the room]. If yg lg 1 pn tia stay mlm neyh,that's mean,she's ALONE tonight. The fcuk ? If i were in her shoes,adehh. SCARY gilaaax. Just take care ok ? Btw,she's from beaufort. Tia smpt mw knl nma. Tomorrow laa. :))

So,today i decided not to stay there 1st. Tomorrow before 4pm have to be there. Yeshh ! ada can mw BANGUN LAMBAT. LOL.

Reached home at 4 sumthing. Tertido like 6 sumthing till 8 sumthing. LOL.
Recharge ehh. HAHA.

Naaa~ after this,it will be a long time baru aqu update blog g. Im gonna mish FB . And especially BLOGGER. uwaaaa~~ :'(


Sunday, May 15, 2011

New guitar ! :)

Wee~ i just bought a new guitar. Well,not exactly like i want before,because the 1 that i wanna buy,already sold out. Haiihh. Then,i had to buy another guitar from different shop which is MORE EXPENSIVE. Grrr =.= From RM330,i just paid rm297. Huhu. Then,i bought the strap,pick and capo.

We went to beach and Shar teached me how to play. Waaa~ Damn hard ouhh. Paling sohai,aqu kasi calar tuh guitar. HAHA. My fingers were soo hurt. Sangal lg tuhh. HAiih. Tiapa. Lama2 ok maybe. Hehe :)

LOL. Barbie and PINK. HAHA.


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Saturday, May 7, 2011

At last. The decision have been made. hmmmphh

Hmphhhhh. U see. I just been told that i got UiTM in Puncak Alam , Selangor. Asasi kejuruteraan. Well. I just dont know what my feeling really are. Happy ? Sad ? Or both ? LOL.
Its hard for me to make a decision. I mean the BEST one. Engineering or Medic ? Matrix or UiTM ?
Well yeahh,i prefer engineering rather than medic. But,its not like i hate medic. I just love engineering more than medic. That's what i want.
What my mum wants ? MEDIC.
Grrrrrrr. =.=

That day when she came back to Labuan,i tried to discuss with her. Told her what i really want.
We argued [in a good way]. Masing2 backup pendapat masing2.
Until that point when she said ' Mumy minat medic'. And i was like 'Tu yg mumy minat,yg aqu minat ? '
Both of us then diam. My dad just act like he was not even exist there. Grrr =.=

I told her that i want our family have various careers.
My sis account clerk,my bro electrical thingy,mum a nurse and dad in Pharmacy.
Then,my mum said something that i wish i never heard them from her mouth,
' T mumy and dady tiada,ada jg waris [ in Medic] '
This just made my heart fall apart.
How could she ??

That's before i knew that i got UiTM.
Bila sudah tw,i texted my mum.
She told me to ask my dad whether i should go to matrix or U and asked in what course ? Asasi kejuruteraan.
Then,mumy cap laa ' mumy mw fefah jd DR'
U see. She still with what she wants.
I didint give my response about that and just cap dimana U tuhh. Change topic [ my friends well known me as the 'Penukar Topic' LOL. ]

Then,my bestie told me where UiTM i got. Selangor.
And the kemasukan 23mei ini.
This time i went straight to my dad.
Asking for his opinion.
His words,the way he talked,its just  soo difference wit my mum.
I almost burst into tears. But,i hold on.
He knows what i really want.
He suggested that i should take medic but its not i have to be a doctor.
I mean doctor for humans.
He said i can choose a dentist or veterinar [well,i love animals especially cats :) ]
And he said that engineers have some difficulty in finding jobs in Government.
He even gave examples lg. LOL.
U see. He knows the right words what to say to me.
My dad.

Then,i told my bestie what i had chose.
And i dont know why i cried.
Is it because of my decision ? Or because how soft my dad is when he gave his advice ?
To be honest,i never had a real discussion with my dad. He's a little bit a quite person and pretend like he dont care. I mean ,act cool =.=
And when i had this discussion with him,its just show how parents really try to give u everything they could for ur future. Parents.

a lot of people asked why i chose that ?
For me,hanya 1,
RESTU ibubapa.
Apa yang akan buat kita berjaya selalunya dari RESTU kedua ibubapa and ALLAH SWT.
Aqu tiamw mumy setuju di mulut,tp,di hati..........
Aqu berharap keputusan ni laa yg terbaek.
Aqu mw mumy and dady sentiasa bangga dengan aqu.
Aqu buat banyak dosa sudah sebelum ney.


*Entry ney buat aqu nanges each time aqu type MUMY,DADY,IBUBAPA and PARENTS. Berkorban apa salahnya kan ? :)
  Aqu tw kmo bkn CENGENG kn ? Kontrol macho k ? HAHA.  And thanks buang sedikit masa baca bloggy qu neyh. Hehe :p

New lenss ! XD

Lalalallala~ i got new lens. Qw ada ? Bhahahahahaha XD
I order online. The type is dreamy i grey colour. I bought 2. 1 for me and 1 for Shar.
DAMN! The colour is soo damn nice :)
RM 25 a pair. I paid on Wed,posted on Thurs,received on Fri.
How fast is that ?! weee~ The bottle soo cute tooo ^^
*Just bought new case. Teda tmpt sua mw simpan. LOL

SEE ! Cute kn the bottles ? ^^

Bhahahahahhahahaha XD

Friday, May 6, 2011

Gelagat budax keciik terLEBIH GULA =.=

My nephew.
Farris Rifqie.
Uncontrollable. LOL.
Baju qu jd mangsa =.=

From this

To this


Kpel ? Seriously ? =.=

Eyloww tawan2 ! [adehhh,uwekkk pnya bhsa :) ]

Last nyte my crush[klik di sini and sini for story sal dya :)] asked me out. So,aqu pn iya2 ja laa. He said around 10am. Adehh,awl tuh wang. Jd,kol 11 laa.

This mownenx,he texted me at 10am. Tnya jd or not. Adehh,awl lehh. Luckily i already woke up and took shower [i cant sleep well last night. So,bgun awl =.= ]
Aqu siap2. Nek bus. I wait for him d taman. Few FCUKing minutes he came.
Went to uk. Talktalktalktalk.
Then,i asked him whether c ***** tuh his gf or not ? And like always,he said 'Kwn rpt ja laa' I told him laa that gurl told me that dorg kpel. And he was like SHOCKED. Dya tia sangka pn yg pmpuan tuh cap gtu. And i told him yg kwn2 pmpuan tuh pn backup pmpuan tuhh. Naahhhh ~ He said that he was being nice with the gurl bcoz he owe that gurl. I mean pmpuan tuh pn bek ngn dya. Plus,llaki ney friendly sgt. TOO friendly. So,mybe pmpuan tuh slh fam and thought he was into her. *same with me la dluu. PERASAN :)
I just told him laa pasni just act normal. T dorg jd tia rpt like before. That suckz. Huhu.

Then,he told me that pmpuan tuh ada gtw dya yg aqu ney minat dyaa. Adehhh. WTF ? Bocor rahsia =.=
I keep shut and pretend like i heard nothing *wink ;p  LOL.
So,i asked him 'Qw tia suka dya meh ? Ok jua tuhh '
Then,he said 'Xkan laa qw mw pksa hati kta suka sma org len kn ? '
He got a point there. Betul laa jg pa yg dya cap tuhh. Huhu.

So,kami tjmpa kwn qu. And she was like 'Ooooooooohhh '
So,aqu cap laa he's just a friend. Adehh. Mamat ney plaa p cap 'Yeaa. Mmg kami kpel'
Buduuhhh siall. Aqu denied berabishh laa. Stupidoo =.=

Aqu bw dya mkn,dya tiamw. Cap 'Dari qw sja bha' =.=
Sott. To be honest,i felt a lil bit awkward walking with a boy. I mean berdua.
We just had nothing to say. Haaiiihh. Nseb bek laa aqu ney mudah mw buka mulut. Apadaaa =.=

So,tnya itu,tnya ini,aqu tw laa ckit2 info sal dyaa.
1. Dya ney upanya tua ckit dr aqu. [at first mmg laa aqu pk dya lg tua. But then,david told me he's younger 1 year than me. ] Tnya blek,sah dya tua dr aqu . He was born on 4th mac and im on 17th mac. The funneh thing is,he thought im older than him =.= LOL.

2. He converted into Islam when he was 12. Dya ney dusun dulu. And becoz of 1 incident menyebabkan the whole family convert into Islam. Alhamdulillah. [Tp,he's still not arif about Islam laa. Dnt worry. Mudah2 an dya akn bljr lbeyh byk about Islam. Amin. ]

3. He stop schooling at 9. Jajal and teda minat mw skul lg. Lantak qw laa. But,he's working nw. Huhu.

4. He's not from Labuan. Bdk Sabah. He stays in Labuan for about 5 months nw.

5. Time di kg,dya suka p laut. Tgkp ikan. :) [msty itam time neyh. HAHA]

6. He lives with his dad in Rancha2. Menyewa. Next to David's house. =.=

7. His father is strict. 

Tu jaa laa infonya. Yg len aqu lupa. 
Bcoz UK ney keciik bosan kan matii,aqu suh dya p CC.
He refused lw aqu x ikt =.=
[d umh puas sua aqu on9 tw ? ]
So,aqu pn on9 laa. Meja kami sebelah menyebelahh. 
Aqu kcw laa chatboxnyaa. HAHA [ney laa bosan thp tapirr]
Then,kmi chatting even duk sebelah menyebelah jaa =.=
He proposed me. LOL
I turned my face to him. Sengih pla dya. Stupidoo =.=
Last2,i told him i'll give my answer tonight.

1pm. I suggest kmi balik jaa. He also got work at 5pm. 
Then,i reached d bus stop and  said goodbye to him. 
He was like ' Itu jaa ? ' LOL.
Then,what u want me to do? =.=

Dlm bus,he text. Asking fo my picture.Aqu tnya la which one ? Dya cap pic fb qu yg nmpk mata jaa tuh. LOL. Aqu bg ja laa. Gambar mata pn kna minta ? Bhahahahahahaha.

Petang tuh,i discussed with my bestie,should i accept him or not ?
Last2,aqu terima. Dya bley2 nya rep 'Tq' jaa ? LOL.

Honestly,aqu lbeyh suka tgk dya pkai baju keja rather than baju outing. Huhu.

Well,and nw u know im TAKEN  

*Im waiting for his reply. Msty bz neyh =.=