Sunday, May 15, 2011

New guitar ! :)

Wee~ i just bought a new guitar. Well,not exactly like i want before,because the 1 that i wanna buy,already sold out. Haiihh. Then,i had to buy another guitar from different shop which is MORE EXPENSIVE. Grrr =.= From RM330,i just paid rm297. Huhu. Then,i bought the strap,pick and capo.

We went to beach and Shar teached me how to play. Waaa~ Damn hard ouhh. Paling sohai,aqu kasi calar tuh guitar. HAHA. My fingers were soo hurt. Sangal lg tuhh. HAiih. Tiapa. Lama2 ok maybe. Hehe :)

LOL. Barbie and PINK. HAHA.


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