Sunday, May 22, 2011

1st day in COLLEGE. LOL

Anyeoong~~ :)
Well,today is the registration day for Matriculation [and tomorrow] . I woke up at 7am [Damn,i still sleepy ouhh that time. Cam tiamw p jaa. Hee. ]
Last night sleep at 3am. 12am bru start packing. LOL. Yesterday,i were out like the whole day. Packing lom lg. Blek umh 11 sumthing. HAHA.
So,my bags,mcm mw p outstation bertahun-tahun neyh. LOL. I was like sumbat everything i could. Hee.
Then,off to college like 8 sumthing and reached there around 9am.

Hellah ! There were a lot of people ouhh. But,paling penting,byk jejaka MACHO ouhh. HAHA. *ok,niat slh sua neyhh. Oh wait,who cares ? HAHA.
Register,then went to the asrama. Im in Block B,Shar in block A and B in block D. =.=  Went to my room and fcuk. Punya berhabuk. My dad and i started cleaning.
We decided to go buy some stuff , eat and went home.

P beli rantai mangga,Downy Passion ^^ , pencuci lantai and torchlight [actually ada sua 1. Tp,lwa bha tuh torchlight td. Smart. P la beli. Hee ]
3 sumthing  we make our move.
Reached there,still got many people there.
In my room,ada pla sorg roommate ngh tdo.
GOSH. I felt guilty mw kasi bersih.
Coz,my dad laa. Bising btl. Nahh,she woke up this. Haiih.
So,after moping,kasi kunci almari [i left some of my bags di sana. Hee . Mls mw bw balek] kami balek.
Oh yeaa,i managed to ask my roommate tuh,whether she stay there tonight or tomorow ?
Waahh~Tonight. Setahu qu,roommate yg lg 1,stay hotel,aqu stay umh,dunno yg lg 1 tuh. [4 of us stay in the room]. If yg lg 1 pn tia stay mlm neyh,that's mean,she's ALONE tonight. The fcuk ? If i were in her shoes,adehh. SCARY gilaaax. Just take care ok ? Btw,she's from beaufort. Tia smpt mw knl nma. Tomorrow laa. :))

So,today i decided not to stay there 1st. Tomorrow before 4pm have to be there. Yeshh ! ada can mw BANGUN LAMBAT. LOL.

Reached home at 4 sumthing. Tertido like 6 sumthing till 8 sumthing. LOL.
Recharge ehh. HAHA.

Naaa~ after this,it will be a long time baru aqu update blog g. Im gonna mish FB . And especially BLOGGER. uwaaaa~~ :'(


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