Thursday, August 8, 2013

Raya !

Hiiii ;)
Been busy working lately.
Now baru ada masa nak update >.<

First of all,Happy Eid Mubarak peoplee !!!
I only got two days off ;(

Today's the first day of Eid.
Went to my cuzz's house and some of my friends.
Penat jg ohh satu hari beraya. HAHA
Duit raya tetap masuk maaaa. Hehe.

Ughhhh~blank otak mw update apa lg.
So,i'll post more pictures ^^

Ke ai kn ? HAHA

This year theme ;)

Cuzzie !

Erk ? Hehe

Lil bro ;)

Sedap bau !

Till then,
~Feb xoxo 

Monday, July 29, 2013

Today's Story ;)

hii :)

My day today only spent at home and went to iftaar with my exclassmates.
We went to the Papayas Beach Lodge.
Well it was my first time there.
And i really dont know how is the service there,the foods all that.

Tempat tuu tepi pantai.
And meja kitaorang pon kat atas pasir.
Siap ada lilin kat atas meja.
Romantik gituu. HAHA
There were only 6 of us because the rest are not in Labuan ;(

So,di sana buffet style. 
Rm29.90 per head.
Yg bestnya ada ambuyat ! Weheeee~!
Feel gila makan ambuyat td. Hihi
Lama sda rasanya nda makan.
Nyaman kaliahhhhhhhh ;p

After went to iftaar,went to town.
Bought some stuff.
And then sent my friends home ( Nahhh,i wasn't driving,my friend was. Hihi ) 

Other than that,since i was bored,i took some pictures of myself.
Using my hairchalk. 
Camwhores. HAHA

That's all for today ;) See ya !

Camwhoring ! HAHA

Nom nom nom ! ;)

Till then,
~Feb xoxo 

Sunday, July 28, 2013

My hols started !

errr,apa laa yg aku mengarut dlm last last post ku tuuu.
Gundahan jiwa betul.
abaikan ! ;)

Orait,yesterday i arrived at Labuan around 10 pm something.
My flight was delayed 30 mins when i was already in the flight -.-
Padahal excited sda mw sampai Labuan. HAHA

So went home and my house progressing a lot.
Byk sda perubahan because daddy baru besarkan dapur.
And bilik bilik kena buat baru.
Right now i have to sleep in my sister's room because my room blm siap lagii -.-

So today i went out to buy a lil bit of stuff.
Then went to Bodyshop to take my uniforms.
I'll start working at 2nd Aug.
Well actually start 1st Aug tp boss bagi cuti plaaa -.-
Then 6 days straight kerjaa. GREAT ! >.<

haa,today did my undercut and a bit of thinning ;)
Baru rasa puas hatii. HAHA
But then i have to cover it bila kejaaa t. T kenapatan. Hehe

Okayy laaa. Im done. Gonna watch Catwoman. HAHA See yaa !

Delayed ;(

Undercut ;)
Till then,
~Feb xoxo 

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Cleaning my blog

Setelah sekian lama blog di biar bersawang,mungkin akan kembali aktif setibanya di Labuan.
Now im at KLIA. HAHA
Cant wait to go home after stranded di Puncak Alam for 1 whole sem -.-
Around 9pm will reach Labuan.
See you soon ;)

Short update.

~Feb xoxo 

Moving on sucks !


I have to forget everything about my feelings towards you.
I still love you but nothing will be the same now.
What had happened to us hurt me soooo muchhh that i could cry every night.

I wish I were as stronger as you.
You seem to move on so fast.
Im really impressed on how fast you take to forget everything and moving on.
You even draw a line between us.
And so do I.
Well, cinta bertepuk sebelah tangan takkan berbunyi kan ?
But, dont worry.
Im definitely understand everything.
It was my fault in the first place.
Regretting everything now is really too late.

Time will heal everything.
But in my case, it seems to be a really longer time for me.
I guess all those memories between us that keep holding in my feelings towards you.
Making moving on is harder.

Do you still believe in that 'one day' ?
As for me,deep in my heart,sy masih ingat and masih pegang sebenarnya ayat tu.
Tp,makin lama makin mustahil benda tuu mw berlaku.

I still love you and will always do.
Sounds ridiculous but it's the truth.
You're the only one that can complete me.
Now I need time to move on.

My heart is only for you. Take careeee my love,my boo and my kesayangannn~
I wish you best of luck :')

Sekadar luahan hati yang terbuku,
~Feb xoxo  

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Do you know how much i missed you ?
Freaking much ;(
Do you missed me that much too ?
Cause sometimes i felt that you didn't feel the same way i felt.

I hate the  arguement and all that misunderstandings.
I try to change.
I dont want to be an obsessed maniac that got jealous too easy.
But,the way that ur EX behave,poking me on Facebook, and then use your pic with her together as her profile picture and changed it frequently,
do you know how was all that made me feel ?
I feel that both of you were stil together although you're not.
It's freaking hurt.
I guessed you knew after all.
But,i dont blame you.
I know she's prettier and nicer than me.
No wonder you couldn't forget her.

But,no matter what and who she is,
I always remember that i stil have that same spot in your heart sweety :')
kan kan kan ? ;p
If tidak,tedala saya kena kasi manja manja kn ?
Saya rindu mw dating sama qw !
*getek mode on. HAHA. 

Heyy,please come back home faster ahh ?
I really missed you.
Your smile and your laugh.
And your love will always be my drugs sweetheart :')

Okayy,i couldn't type anything else.
Holding tears are much difficult.
Always remember me ahh sayang ?
And our memories.
And remember.
Saya sayang ini relation :')
and saya always akan sayang qw bie .
Much love from me.
Mmmuaahhx !

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

♥ My sunshine ♥

Do you know how much i miss you ?
Do you know how miserable i am all alone by myself here without you ?
Perlu sabar menanti hari kan syg ?

Saya nda kesah qw lmbt text or reply saya punya text.
Ada reply or text satu pun,that's good enough for me.
Atleast saya tw qw masii ingt saya ;)
Despite qw lupa saya punya amanat  >.<
Nvm,saya nda mara pn. Trip seja. Tehee ;p

You know what ?
Although kita nda kapel or declare anything or whatever,
saya happy begini. Serious mmg bahagia ;)
Qw jaga saya btl btl,
sabar dgn gaya saya yg mcm saitan neh,
and tahan kena buli sama saya. HAHA
Sorryy ;p
Demi qw,saya mw berubah.
Saya ndamw suda mara mara,kuat cemburu,tuduh melulu or anything yg bikin relation kita hambur dulu.
If can,i want you to be happy with me every seconds,every hour,everyday and everytime syg :')
Mcm yg saya rasa skrg ;)

You did told me the things that you like about me right ?
my happy-go-lucky mood ;p
You said everytime we met,stress tu hilang.
Becoz gaya gila gila saya. Tehee ;)
Heyy,mw jumpa kesayangan kan?
Of course laa happy happy bhaa. Hha.
And saya suka bila saya kena manja sama qw. Hehe.
Saya pn suka manja sama qw. HAHA.

Do you know what i like the most about you ?
Why it's hard for me to forget you ?
Becoz qw baik sangaaaaaaaaaat sama saya.
And penyabar.
You know how hard it is to find someone just like you ?
And im lucky to loved by you.
Saya nda akan sia sia kan qw.
Trust me syg ;)

I always say 'Yakin seja '
Yes,soo,yakin seja sama relation kita nehh.
If tiba tiba rasa unsure and sangsi,kita yakin seja.
You always crossed my mind sweetheart.
Remember that.

Imissyoufreakingmuch !
I only miss you when im breathing.
Loveyou syg.
Much love from me  ;)