Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Awwww~~ Sherson Lian ♥

This morning i woke up early coz my nephew =.=
Dunno y his mom asked me to babysit him todayy.
*slalunya antr p pat babysitter.

So,i woke up and turned on the tv.
Tukar punya tukar,TV3.
5 Rencah 5 Rasa.
1st thing that caught my attention,the CHEFF.
Sherson Lian.
Damn bhoii ! Pnya cutee.
And the way he talked,ahhhh~

u're my new bias. LOL. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


This quote.
This songss.
Im emooo nww.
*emo as in emotional. Not that fcuking annoying emo style.


Gahh~~ imishyouu really bad.
I miss the way u smile.
The way u laugh on my jokes.
Ur eyes.
Ur voice.
The moment we spent together.
I miss all that.

I know i wont have a single chance 
to be that someone in ur heart.
But,u'll be the one that I ever want.
Its frusfrating seeing u admire someone else.
But,what can i do ?
I just can stand there and smile.
Atleast I can see u happy.

Love love love.
y u have to be this painful ?

Monday, August 22, 2011


sekali lagi.
Only picturesss.

bybiee n ndatw nama bdk neyy. Soryy. Hee.


yg short 1,Anne.

Huny n bybie


Charlene *bru operate. Appendiz. Get well soon babe ! :)

Tdung pink-aina.

Ufo trabang d atss :)
tdung oren-Miss Azza.

Yalis. Paling tuaa :))

Soryy,watak utama adalah aquu :))

Darlengss :))

Dygg .

Sekian. Terima kasehh :p

Sunday, August 21, 2011


Gambar sahaja.

hunny :)

Bybie d blkg :)

puppy KML.


Me,Ann and August d blkg .

Me n Ann.

Michie n Ann.

En Masah [pling sporting] , Jim n Me.

tgh2 hafiz.

Tasha n Marvis

Tasha n Siti.

tgh2 pikah.

hafiz. HAHA.


Pa qw tingu2 sna ahh ? HAHA.


Anshari n Me =.=

SAYA. :)

august n Hafiz

Gayy :p



Free-hair. Alyaa.

These are collection pics for my class.
next post pics NETBALLERS ! :)