Sunday, May 13, 2012

My super craziee day =.= HAHA

Today's Saturday.
My 6th day working at Parkson Ria Labuan.
And my first Saturday working here.
Today my shift was from 11am till 10pm =.=

A lot of customers came.
Penat juga laa melayan.
Tp,paling penat buat housekeeping.
Sakit belakang ohhh >.<
But , i think, penat lagi my colleagues layan aqu ;p
I was super duper hyper todayy. HAHA
Bikin annoying. Hha.
I also dont know why. Hee.
Soryy laa.
Just being myself todayy ;D
*paling annoying bila manager rajiiiiiiiiin betul turun =.=
terpaksa trip buat kerja ;p

Sii getek sempat juga visit td.
Then,terus ilang.
Teda roger-roger lagi tuu.
grrrr >.<

Break with Kero , Wani and kawan Kero.
We went to SCR.
I was freaking hungryy that time.
Licin bhaa pinggan. HAHA.

My sister fetched me because my parents went out for dinner.
Serious im tired.
Skyping with sii getek ;p
Nightt .

Wuuu~ uniform. PUNYA NDA SIUKK PAKAI =.=