Monday, May 7, 2012

1st day work ;D

i start working today ohhh.
Parkson : Electrical department ;)

At 1st ,of course laa nervous ohh.
But then,my partner taught me a lot.
He's very nice lehhh.
And my other working partner also very nice.
I knew her before,so yeahhh ! it's awesome ;D

Today my shift is from 930am till 830pm.
Very tired owww.
Had to stand most of the time =.=
Curicuri duduk laa. HAHA

Break 1pm till 2pm.
I had my lunch with my sis ;p

My parents fetched me.
Reached home,took off my vest and went play with Chicaro (atlast i found a name for my hamster. HAHA)
Took my shower then do my laundry.
Freakin tired and sleepy =.=
Im going to bed now.
Toodlezzz~~ ;)

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