Saturday, May 12, 2012

Second offday ;)

Holla ppl ;p
wuuu~ today was my off day.
Woke up late looor. HAHA.
Then,around 12 something,i went to uk.
I forgot to bring my duty roster yesterday =.=
So,i went to my work place.
Sii Abby tgh layan customer.
Biar. Kacau sejaa. Hee ;p

After that,i went to my sis's office.
Had lunch together ;)
Nyumnyummm~~ ;D

My dad fetched me around 2 something. 230pm i think o.O
I thought we were going straight home,but then my dad went to area Bebuloh instead.
Jauhh gilaa.
Tertidur tidur di kereta. LOL.
Then,we went to sana Tanjung Aru.
Makan petang.
I had my ABC.
Paling kick minum time cuaca panas. Weheee ~~ ;p
After reached home pn,bkn dapat tidur. HAHA.
Online and watched tv. Boringg ehh >.<

At night,went out with my sis sii getek ;p
We bought burgers and some drinks.
Stay at dataran.
Chit chat etu ini. Blablablablabla ~~
Siuk jg laa ;p
She sent me home around 11 something. Teheee ;)
Alaaa,after this she'll be going back to kk.
Practise for her upcoming futsal tournament.
Aigooo~ Punya nda siukk : /
Nvm,balik jugak tuu p Labuan.
Bakar tuu kk lw dya nda balikk ;p

Tomoro start working at 11am.
Maiigadd. Confirm a lot of people go shopping tomoro.
Bhaa, im off to bed.
Nightt yougaizz .
Much love.

ABC RM2.50 each ;)

Sii getek ;p

super random pic of me =.= HAHA

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