Tuesday, May 15, 2012

8th day work ;)

Heyy ;)
Sorry i didn't update yesterday.
Not in mood to type anything >.<

Yeah,awal awal pagi sda luka. Grrrr.
Luckily not serious =.=

Today's Monday.
So,im not that busy this morning.
Alone lagi.
My supervisor and my partner start working at 1pm.
Serious nasib baik nda ramai customer ohh =.=

Break i went out with Wani ;)
Lunch KFC. 
How to save money ohh ? o.O

Night time I started to busy a little bit.
And my back started to hurt again.
Argggghhh =.=

My shift ended at 830pm.
My parents fetched me.
Went back home and playing with my hamsters. HAHA
Bising bhaa di dapur td. Ramai-ramai sana. Hha.
Hilang rasa penat ;)
Bhaa,no need to story panjang-panjang.
Skyping with sis ;D

hamster c adeq ;)

Wuuu~ merah mata ;D

Bulunya panjang mcm penyapu. HAHA

Wanii ;) Her kembar work with me looo . Tehee~~

This razor caught my attention. Setakat cukur bulu ketiak takpaya laa mw lawa-lawa. HAHA.

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