Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Do you know how much i missed you ?
Freaking much ;(
Do you missed me that much too ?
Cause sometimes i felt that you didn't feel the same way i felt.

I hate the  arguement and all that misunderstandings.
I try to change.
I dont want to be an obsessed maniac that got jealous too easy.
But,the way that ur EX behave,poking me on Facebook, and then use your pic with her together as her profile picture and changed it frequently,
do you know how was all that made me feel ?
I feel that both of you were stil together although you're not.
It's freaking hurt.
I guessed you knew after all.
But,i dont blame you.
I know she's prettier and nicer than me.
No wonder you couldn't forget her.

But,no matter what and who she is,
I always remember that i stil have that same spot in your heart sweety :')
kan kan kan ? ;p
If tidak,tedala saya kena kasi manja manja kn ?
Saya rindu mw dating sama qw !
*getek mode on. HAHA. 

Heyy,please come back home faster ahh ?
I really missed you.
Your smile and your laugh.
And your love will always be my drugs sweetheart :')

Okayy,i couldn't type anything else.
Holding tears are much difficult.
Always remember me ahh sayang ?
And our memories.
And remember.
Saya sayang ini relation :')
and saya always akan sayang qw bie .
Much love from me.
Mmmuaahhx !

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