Saturday, July 27, 2013

Moving on sucks !


I have to forget everything about my feelings towards you.
I still love you but nothing will be the same now.
What had happened to us hurt me soooo muchhh that i could cry every night.

I wish I were as stronger as you.
You seem to move on so fast.
Im really impressed on how fast you take to forget everything and moving on.
You even draw a line between us.
And so do I.
Well, cinta bertepuk sebelah tangan takkan berbunyi kan ?
But, dont worry.
Im definitely understand everything.
It was my fault in the first place.
Regretting everything now is really too late.

Time will heal everything.
But in my case, it seems to be a really longer time for me.
I guess all those memories between us that keep holding in my feelings towards you.
Making moving on is harder.

Do you still believe in that 'one day' ?
As for me,deep in my heart,sy masih ingat and masih pegang sebenarnya ayat tu.
Tp,makin lama makin mustahil benda tuu mw berlaku.

I still love you and will always do.
Sounds ridiculous but it's the truth.
You're the only one that can complete me.
Now I need time to move on.

My heart is only for you. Take careeee my love,my boo and my kesayangannn~
I wish you best of luck :')

Sekadar luahan hati yang terbuku,
~Feb xoxo  

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