Monday, July 29, 2013

Today's Story ;)

hii :)

My day today only spent at home and went to iftaar with my exclassmates.
We went to the Papayas Beach Lodge.
Well it was my first time there.
And i really dont know how is the service there,the foods all that.

Tempat tuu tepi pantai.
And meja kitaorang pon kat atas pasir.
Siap ada lilin kat atas meja.
Romantik gituu. HAHA
There were only 6 of us because the rest are not in Labuan ;(

So,di sana buffet style. 
Rm29.90 per head.
Yg bestnya ada ambuyat ! Weheeee~!
Feel gila makan ambuyat td. Hihi
Lama sda rasanya nda makan.
Nyaman kaliahhhhhhhh ;p

After went to iftaar,went to town.
Bought some stuff.
And then sent my friends home ( Nahhh,i wasn't driving,my friend was. Hihi ) 

Other than that,since i was bored,i took some pictures of myself.
Using my hairchalk. 
Camwhores. HAHA

That's all for today ;) See ya !

Camwhoring ! HAHA

Nom nom nom ! ;)

Till then,
~Feb xoxo 

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