Sunday, July 28, 2013

My hols started !

errr,apa laa yg aku mengarut dlm last last post ku tuuu.
Gundahan jiwa betul.
abaikan ! ;)

Orait,yesterday i arrived at Labuan around 10 pm something.
My flight was delayed 30 mins when i was already in the flight -.-
Padahal excited sda mw sampai Labuan. HAHA

So went home and my house progressing a lot.
Byk sda perubahan because daddy baru besarkan dapur.
And bilik bilik kena buat baru.
Right now i have to sleep in my sister's room because my room blm siap lagii -.-

So today i went out to buy a lil bit of stuff.
Then went to Bodyshop to take my uniforms.
I'll start working at 2nd Aug.
Well actually start 1st Aug tp boss bagi cuti plaaa -.-
Then 6 days straight kerjaa. GREAT ! >.<

haa,today did my undercut and a bit of thinning ;)
Baru rasa puas hatii. HAHA
But then i have to cover it bila kejaaa t. T kenapatan. Hehe

Okayy laaa. Im done. Gonna watch Catwoman. HAHA See yaa !

Delayed ;(

Undercut ;)
Till then,
~Feb xoxo 

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