Thursday, August 8, 2013

Raya !

Hiiii ;)
Been busy working lately.
Now baru ada masa nak update >.<

First of all,Happy Eid Mubarak peoplee !!!
I only got two days off ;(

Today's the first day of Eid.
Went to my cuzz's house and some of my friends.
Penat jg ohh satu hari beraya. HAHA
Duit raya tetap masuk maaaa. Hehe.

Ughhhh~blank otak mw update apa lg.
So,i'll post more pictures ^^

Ke ai kn ? HAHA

This year theme ;)

Cuzzie !

Erk ? Hehe

Lil bro ;)

Sedap bau !

Till then,
~Feb xoxo 

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