Friday, March 25, 2011

farewell buddy :)

Today,i sent my bestie ever off to johor. Dont know when will she come back to labuan. But,for sure,it will be a long time to see her here :( So,i went to airport around 7am. Shar and ee jit already got there earlier than me. Huhu. We talked and 'beibun'. I had to go early coz my dad had to go work earlier than before. I met her mother,salam tgn,and p jmpa Fatin balek. I told her not to forget us here,dont lost contact and take a good care of herself. Hughughug. Last night [ i think] she gave me patung Patrick Star. Yea. I promise i will take a good care of it. I hold my tears. I sat in car,waved at her,and cried without her looking at me. My bestie ever. Take care. I will always pray for ur happiness and moga berjaya. I'll never forget u as one of my wonderful friend. Take a good care Amirah Fatin Amran :) *cried. Sobs sobs sobs :'(

Always in my memory :)

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