Sunday, March 13, 2011

new funky fonn ! :)

OH YEAAHHH! i got my new fon already. Hee. Damn i am happy dude ! I got my Sony Ericsson J20i a.k.a Hazel. Huhu. Who's the boss nw ? HAHA. I keep my eye on this phone for almost few weeks. Its features laa. Wifi n 3G with affordable price. Although i just paid half of the price [the rest my dady byrkn]. Hee. Last friday i asked my mom whether i can use my insurans [rm400 only] to buy phone? She said can,but wait till the insurans matang wich is on my birthday this 17th mac. BUT,the insurans hnya bley dkeluarkan if and only if my mom ada. So,blablabla,cerita pnya cerita,i told my mom,nnti ja la beli fon tuh [majuk actually] hehe. Skalinya,my mom suh pkai duit dya dlu. Later she tell my dad kasi keluar tuh duit. I said to her,i better buy that phone this sunday [today] bcoz that phone in red mmg susa mw cari. Black mmg byk laa. Huhu. So,yesterday i asked my dad,jd ka mw kasi kuar tu duit? Then,my dad cap mybe not coz mumy pnya road tax lom byr g. huhu. Later that night,i text my mom asking about the money. My mom also said mybe cant. Wait for her come back to labuan at the end of April =.= To be honest,hellyeah i cried that night :'(  Blablabla. The next morning [today] my dad drove me to work. As im about to go out,he asked,dimana mw beli tu fon ? Ada trima kad krdt ka ? Waaaaa~ hati mmg berbunga la time neyh. HAHA. I told him laa i'll go survey first di bndr. If i find already,i'll call him. After my shift end,i walked to bndr. Suprisingly,i met jacky on my way. So,i walked with him laa smpai kmi berpecah. [he's kinda sot these few days =.= ] i went to bank first,bank out rm300,and then i went survey laa. Mw tggl kaki ouhh jln kaki. Last2,jmpa this shop,sold this red phone with price for rm588 [less rm570]. I called my dad and told him hrga phone tuh. Blablabla,he came to that place [outside ja] gave me the money. Kira2 rm620 [i bought memory card 2GB teruss,no need byk2 bhaa :)] So,secara rasminya,phone sony ericsson J20i a.k.a Hazel in Passionate Rouge is mine ! HAHA. :D

picture taken wit this phone :)

after edit :)

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