Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My new funky hair :)

Money. Salon. Dye. HAHA. Yea,for the first time,i went to salon to dye my hair. FIRST TIME ok ? It was on sunday. I went to my friend's sister's saloon [faham2 kn la k ? :p ] right after my shift ends. Plan qu mw dye the whole hair with brown-like colour,bleach rmbt dpn and purple highlight di sideburn kiri. Tp,hasilnya tia brp memuaskan hati laa. That brown-like colour didnt fully covered the whole hair,that bleach didnt turn out so well and the purple one is too dark to be seen. I paid RM75 for all that =.= She told me to come the next day supaya bwt blek tu purple colour,tp,bila dtg esknya,dya p beaufort plaa. Haiihh. So,i went to saloon next to saloon tuh. Hehe. Aqu suh dya kasi terang. Tp,sma jua. That purple colour too stubborn to come out [malu2 mybe ] shibaii =.= . So,she asked me to come tomorrow [ which is today ] because her staff yg pro sal dye off hari ni [ yesterday] . So,aqu dtg laa arini. Then,dya explained la apa yg ptt. Blablabla. Bermula la proses yg lama and for hours [ i didnt tell Ah Heng yg aqu kuar p saloon,time neyh Ah Heng kuar jap,so,amik kesempatan. HAHA ] First,dya 'cuci colour' which means shampooing with bleach tuk 'turunkan' colour purple qu yg mmg dark gilaa [almost blackish] tuu. Then,she applied bleach [12 percent,highest percentage for bleach ( almost putih) ]. This time aqu rasa mmg azab laa. Kulit kpala rsa mw koyak jaa. The purple colour turned to purple pinkish. Then,dya cap laa,if mw jua purple colour,tkt gelap cam yg awl2. So,dya bg suggestion suh guna kaler biru. Hmmm. Fikir pnya fikir,aqu setuju la jua with that colour. So,at the end,jd laa biru. Hee.

after bleaching.


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