Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Things in my backpack :)

Not anymore :) U guys wanna know what do i have in my backpack ? Yeah. Gurl boyish cam aqu. Kmo rasa ada apa dlm bag aqu besides than foods al that ? Hee. Well,okay. I'll give u the list and promise me u wont laugh. [Apa la yg aqu cap ney,ofcoz la kmo akn ketawa =.=]

1. Wax rmbut Shurei.
2. Wax rmbut Gatsby [ultimate and shaggy]
3. Vaseline [ in case kulit kaki kering while in shorts]
4. Lotion Johnson's Baby [bedtime]
5. Mini face powder Johnson's Baby [in case muka aqu rasa oily]
6. Silky Girl compact powder [ yg penting cermin dya :)]
7. Floss [ teeth is important,u know ? ]
8. Sweet Dolly perfume [ emergency,not for body]
9. Body Shop perfume [White musk]

The End. Stop laughing laa =.=

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