Thursday, March 24, 2011

unexpected result :)

waa~ as u all know,today is the day result SPM'10 kuar. So,last monday i asked cuti from Ah Heng. Tp,sygnyaa,tia kna bgi. Kena diao adala =.= Hmmph. I had to come to work as usual [8am] and 950 i walked to school [i was fcuking tired dude ! =.= ] At first i was alone . That was what i thought so until someone kejutkn aqu dri belakang. Fcuk man ! jantungqu cam mw smpai di perut already =.= C daus upanya. Haiiihhh. So,bdk ney accompanied me smpai p skul [although he had  nothing to do with the school. SASAT :) ]

Reached school,i left Daus with Liya [sengaja. HAHA ] and went straight to the toilet. Some friends of mine start la kcw2 aqu on my way to tandas. 'Jay Chou bha','Lawa rmbut', and fcuking so whatever =.= My last night plan was siap2 bwa tudung dr rumah [my hair kn 'SMART' ,later famous pla. LOL XD ] But,fcuk ! smpai ja tnds,cari tudung,DAMN. Tertinggal. Doublefcuk ! So,with krdt yg mmg low babi,i called my friends and asked them to bring extra tudung [mostly guna CELCOM (i use DIGI ) ]  Just imagine laa,i waited in tandas from 10am till 11am. HAHA. Nseb bek didnt pengsan there. LOL XD Then,dorg dtg. I just told them to bring tudung express [ senang ckit mw bka blek :) ] With my bulat face,they said i look cute . LOL. Perli kaa? Hehe. So,we make a move to dewan laa. Di sana,had to wait for several minutes again. Grrr~ suala pns,jantung lg beat faster and faster. Haiihhh.

tttttttttt~ Penantian berakhir. Result SPM bertukar tgn. Muka pelajar semakin tegang ala2 botox. First person class kmi p amik. Mmg campin la tuh. Then,next and next person p amik. My friends and i ada yg tia berani mw amik dulu. Darah gemuruh liao. Last2,one of my friend said, 'amik ja la,Lepaskan awl2' . Ok. She got a point there. So,dya lu p amik. She always be top 10 in class. So,no problem for her laa to get 8A's 2B's . Then,my turn liao. My heart mw terkeluar dr ketiak sua . HAHA. So,amik ja,salam cgu,then,tgk that slip. WOW~ i couldnt believe my own eyes too. I got 7A's 3B's. Msuk terus blek sa pnya jantung. HAHA. At first,mmg dont wanna cry. But then,i saw my fren cried,Haiyaa. Mata ney jelesh. So,dya pn turut nanges. Shibaii. Tp,ttp cover. HAHA. From my class,3 org got straight A's [10 A's ] 1 org 9 A's 1B's. The rest,mostly got 5 to 8 A's. Few got 5 A's below [my class only k ] .

Result : 
BM -  A+
EST - A-

Man,ADDITIONAL MATH i got B ?! Gilaax. This one yg bet aqu tkjt. Huhu. Slalunya failed ja. Yea. I know gred turun,but,that 1 B bha. Fuhhh~ Hepy gilaaxx, :) Then,had to queue lg. Mw amik sijil berhenti. Queue pnya men pnjg. Kaunter 2 ja. Haiyaaa. Btl2 not sistematik ouhh. Wait pnya wait,bru dpt. Then,walked back to work. I was out for almost 3 hours already. Bru mw smpai,my friend called. Bw lunch sma2. So,terus la p KFC. Blablabla. Msuk kja 130 something. HAHA. Tkt kna diao. Ah Heng kuar. Looked at me. Smiled. Aqu yg susun jari minta ampun sua coz lmbt. Hehe. Then,he asked,hw's my result. I told him laa. Then,dya mw tgk ney result wu. Kasi tgk la jg. Bos kn. Hee :p Senyum2 la dya ney. What was he thinking ah ? Haihhh. Then,the whole day la org sibuk asking result qu. Then,bla aqu sua gtw,ada ja la yg kuar dr mulut dorg. To be honest,aqu tia  suka kena banggakn ouhh. Huhu. 

Blablabla. Hari ney kira OT lg. Last night reached home around 10. Tonight,around 11. Huhu. Pnt. So,its 118 am already. And i am damn sleepy. So,im off to bed :) nytezz 

Bukti :)

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