Thursday, March 17, 2011

i'll miss them :(

This entry i will post about Fastline Shop staff. As u all know,this month will be my last month working there. Yeaa. I already made up my mind. I even already told Ah Heng about that. But,1 prob,dorg ney ada ja yg mw di cap so that i'll change my mind. I almost fall for their tricks. Tp,aqu mmg dh tetap ngn keputusan aqu. But,sometimes,aqu berfikir,i made a wrong decision for leaving them. Kami suma btl2 rpt like sista and brotha already. I know i'll miss them so muchh. Their laughs,all the joy and sorrow. Ya Allah,aqu hrp,dorg always akn hepy. [my tears :'( ]Dont worry guys. I'll never forget u all and i'll visit u guys if i got free time. ILOVEYOU guysss ! buddies ! :(

hantu MAI balik rumah :)

my dalenx,AIN. HAHA :)


no papparazi :p

sandii XD

kaya kn ? :p

si cantek manis :)


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