Saturday, March 19, 2011

entry yg ketinggalan =.=

heyy~ :)

waaa~ 2 days [ i think] already didnt update my blog. Bz. Teda masa + tired ouu. Blablabla. Jom msuk crita laa :D
Well,as u all know,i had my birthday on 17mac. I didnt feel excited as much as tahun2 sebelumnya. U know why ? Coz i already got my new phone laa. Hee. So,that day i changed my ic [buruk sua,bengkok2 cam roti canai =.= ] . I thought they wont charge me. Naaahh~ sekalinya rm10 terbang wooorr =.= I LOVE MY MONEY OK ? XD  Blablabla. Staff2 lain pn wish me HAPPY BIRTHDAY include JACKY. HAHA. He shoke my hand. Then,aqu sengaja la main2, 'hadiah mana ? ' Hee. Then,he took out his wallet  and gave rm10 to me. He said go buy drinks. LOL. I told him already yg aqu main2 jaa. But,dya pla yg serius. Last2,dya cap,amik order suma staff di sana,he go buy. On his treat. Waaaa~ besh liaoo   .  Suma pn ordered Snowshake coklat + jelly. Hee. Order  bkn alang2 ouhh. Huhu.

Cake ? i got two cakes. First,cake dr c mai and mar. Kecik jaa. Tp,sedap bhaa :D Second one,from liya,alin and iera. This one besar pnya. Bley lg bgi2 staff di sana. Ney pn sedap. Huhu. Thanks guysss  <3

Dr family ? Well,i got no present nor cake. The only one yg p wish,my mom. But,that night,dady bw eat outside. So,we went to Pizza laa. Hee. Superblast pnya kenyang ouhh. Huhu.

Facebook ? Haiyaaa. My wall kena spam with all the wishes. Suala fb lagg cam siput babi kena parkinson. So,i had to write in my status said thanks to all yg wish. I couldnt say thanks personally to them. Fcuk FB =.=

So,sekali lg,I want to say thanks guyss for all the wishes :) saranghaeyoo~~ <3

cake yg mai bg :)

cake dr liya,alin and iera :)

Liya :D

sis and farris :)

adeq qu and nephew :p

mereka bertiga XD

So,yeaahh. I had my superblast birthday ! :)

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