Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Some fcuking shit things i dnt like about FB

OK. Today entry aqu cam gnz ckit. Huhu. Lately,FB is getting worser. Things yg semakin menjadi2 nw :

1. Chatbox kna spam.

This is really annoyed. Fb is like affected by some virus. I think. Coz sometimes , someone IM us saying "Heyy,check out this vid" [something like that] and so on. So,what should u do ? Ignore it. Dont click on anything. Or else urs chatbox will suddenly appear to some random person. And hell yeahh ! That's really annoyed them.  :/

2.  Some applications about the meaning of ur name,ur birthday thingy and blood automatically tagging our name. 

That kinda suckz. I know. But,its not org yg gna application tu yg slh ok ? Dorg xpun tag nma kta. Application tuh yg sndiry random tag. So,i dont think that u guys should post on ur wall and go maki2 org yg p tag tuh.That's just not right ok ? Apa susah,just untag ur name laa. As simple as that :) 

3. Some biatch upload their pics yg menunjukkan lurah longkang tepi jln and peha yg segebu peha kura2. LOL. 

Ok. Dorg mw upload apa pn,sukati dorg la kn ? For non muslim,aqu xla kesahh. But,for muslim,hell yeah i do care ! Yess. I know im not that alim. Tp,aqu mw gtw d cni,INI BLOG AQU. SUKATI AQU LAA. Hehe. Korg upload pic korg yg kunu trip hot tuh,then,bla some pervert yg gilaaxseks suka senggama mata with all the picture yg meliurkan paci2 warung kopi,p comment yg bukan2,pndai pla u all hangin kn ? Adehhh. That what perverts do ok ? Dorg mmg minat lyn bnda2 yg bwt dorg 'cangar' [paduliik apa kmo fam or not :) ] So,pk2 la sndiry k ?

4. Some random person IM u and ask u to like their status.

Adehh,this one really pissed me off ! Seriously,who do u think u are told me to like ur status ? Bhaii,lw status qw bwt aqu nanges smpai kuceng qu pn nanges skali or bwt hati aqu geli smpai ke usus,xpalaa. Ngn rela hati aqu p like. Tp,lw ntah pa2,langsung tia menyentuh sanubari qu,bwt apa aqu mw like. Tkn mouse pn need energy ok ? and im not gonna wasting my time 'LIKE'ing benda yg teda pa2. FULLSTOP.

5. Some LIKEholic yg go spam ur notifications smpai mw tembus screen.

Benda ney if done oleh frenz aqu yg mmg mw sakat aqu,its ok laa. Tp,if dr random person yg mmg hobinya me'LIKE' smpai mengganggu konstration mata kta mw tgk bnda lain,mmg UNFORGIVABLE! Got that u biatch?! If this happened,for the first,2nd and 3rd time,i still can tolerate. Tp,lw dh balek2,huh , one thing that have to do,REMOVE. HAHA XD  Bru pdn muka qw. Lw aqu ney evil sgt,bwt REPORT trus. :)

Sekian Terima Kasih.

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