Sunday, April 3, 2011

Outing !!!! :)

Waaa~ today went to mcD with my bestie Shar,Ee jit,Lei kun ,Mei shan,Britt,Shar's brother,Ivan and his gurlfie,Shyy. Shar picked me up. Then,we went straight to mcD. Ivan and Shyy p mkn dulu. Shar,me and Britt waiting the rest to come. After suma smpai,kmi p order laa. Hehe. My ex plaa yg jd cashier. But,I pretend like i dont know dya. Huhu. Blablabla. Then,Shar drove us home. Lei kun,Mei shan,Ee jit,Ivan and Shyy like sardine already in the backseat. HAHA XD Time antr c Mei Shan laa,the funniest thing,the car termati for a few times. Abez cencored words kuar dr mulut c Shar. Panick liaoo ! HAHA XD. Luckily there's no car behind us. Lw ada,sure kna horn already that. Hehe. Shar,thanks for the meal and PEMANDUAN. HAHA XD Next time if got free time,go out lg k ??

shar :)

brittany :p

shar's hand =.=

' huh ? me ? ' HAHA XD

   ee jit and mei shan

lei kun [short hair]

Wenkkk ;)

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