Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Goshh ! my future !!!!! =.=

right now i've been thinking where im gonna further my studies.
I mean,till now,i had no idea what i wanna be.
My career.
All this years,i was only follow what people ask me to do.
When i was in Form 1,they put me in Arab class,i did stayed in that class till Form 3.
For my PMR,i got 8A's 1C. U guessed it already what subject i got C,dont u ?
Yea. Arab =.=
Then,i studied in Science Stream class.
Yeah. It was tough. But,i stayed.
I felt like im the most BUDUH person in that class.
SPM result ? 7A's n 3B's.
Physic,Bio and add maths > B+,B+,B

So,with my result,people keep asking, 'mna qw mw smbung ? ' ,'pa qw mw jd t ?', 'pa qw minat? '.
To be honest,im also still confused.
Doct ? Engineer ? Fcuk man.
At this moment,i think i'll wait for matriculation.
In what course ? I dont know yet.
Sains Hayat ? Sains Fizikal ?
Im kinda interested with Petronas.
But,i dont know how to apply.
Scholarship ? Due date was on 1st April.
Fcuk me ! =.=

Not like my bestie,she has already set in her mind,she want to be a doctor.
She wants to further her studies in Russia in Medical pnya course laa.
Deep inside my heart,i dont want her to go Russia.
I know i'll be missing her like crazy.
Like i've been missing my other bestie that already moved to Johor.
We've been so closed since school.
How can I accept the fact that we're gonna split up ?
Dont know how much i cried,things will never changed , right ?
I never show them how much i love them.
But,no one know what do i really feel about them.
I know i'll be missing the time we had spent together.
But,yeahh. We're gonna grow older.
I hope i can see how u guys will look like when pregnant. LOL XD
Guys,i hope we will never lost contact. Okay ?

So,i still dont know what my career should be.
I think i should meet a caunselor to get this thing over =.=
The End.

*At the time im writing this post,i was webcamming with them. Man,i struggle to hold my tears. Knowing that this time will be memory. My sweet memory. I just hope that u guys will never forget me even if u guys have new bestfriends. Eventually. I'll love you guys till the end of my breathe. Friends forever :)

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