Saturday, April 2, 2011

partayyy ! :)

Helllaaa ! partayyy ! HAHA XD So,my cuzen from LD came back to labuan. Today they all went back to LD. Before dorg blyr,last night,we went to club. Hehe. Yea. CLUB. But,jan slh fam. Even i go clubbing,that doesn't mean i go drink that alcohol thing right ? I just order coke maa :) We went to Strawberry Lounge. Order VIP room. On my treat. Best thing about that place kn,the workers mostly Dykes [girls with short hair and boyish]. Hehe. Blablabla. Kami ada 4 girls and 3 boys. Boys stay di luar laa. Bilik only for girls. Hehe. Kami p karoke puas2. Then,sent Ain back to her kuarters [jln kaki]. I reached home about 130 am =.= Next tyme enjoy g ! hehe :)

kzen :)

ain [white shirt] fenny[red singlet]

AIN :)

kzen boboy


  1. the workers [girls with short hair and boyish]. ada 4 oranq kan ? ahahah ..