Tuesday, April 19, 2011

on 17 April

Hehe. Im just too lazy to think of the title. Hoho. Last sunday,i went to work. That day was really a busy day.  3 functions in 1 day. Ballroom,poolside n bilik ntah pa nmanya. Shar and i kena yg d poolside. Panas lg tuhh. Haiiih. Wore the kemeja,vest and bowtie. Panasss !  Function tu yg sal AYFIC or watever laa. Asean Youth thingy. Yg bdk dtg from all over Asia. So,kira grand laa.

Kami kena bahagikan into few groups. Aqu and David [baru knl that day] kna gabungkan. Jaga area yg kena bagi. At first,of coz i felt a lil bit akward with him,tp,d sebabkan aqu jenis mudah 'click' ngn org len,kami jd ok at the end :)

About 7pm,kira rmai sua yg dtg. Gilaaax. Ramai ouhh. Omputeh ada too i tell youu :) And the night of hell begun. Tia cukup tgn ouhh. We all kept walking [almost running] amik glass. Tia ckup. Mana lg guests yg byk songeh[thats why i hate to serve org politik and byk duit neyh =.=]  David yg muka skema pn jadi cam incredible hulk sua. LOL XD

So,becoz of the glasses weren't enough,we used the wine glasses. Tp,plastic pnyaa. Yg guest ney,complained that his orange juice taste pahit. Adehhh. So,he asked for cold water. One table tuh mnta cold water. So,aqu amik trip laa. The last 3 glasses,before tuh,ada kaka tuh [staff] cap, 'hati2,tia stabil tuh ] So,smpai di meja guests tuh,[my right hand was carrying the tray,the other hand bg glass dkt guests] i didn't realize the tray was not stabil and SPLASHHHH ! I dropped the glasses. And the water were all over the floor. Luckily the guests sempat elak. I was really panicked at that time. I kept saying sorry with my puppy face. Nseb bek abg2 tuh cool and sporting gilaxbabiik.  I picked up the glasses[ nseb bek plastik. If kaca, IM DEAD =.= ] Then,aqu realize,their camera ada tulis RTM. Sialll. Crew RTM ?! DEAD MEAT. I just hope i didn't kasi rosak dorg pnya kamera and berharap muka qu tidak di siarkan di mana-mana media massa =.=

The event finished around 10pm. Thank god. Aqu mmg penat fullblast dah. So,kami p kemas2 laa. Then,kak ochie suh p mkn luu. P la kmi mkn.  Then,we all went to the ballroom to help dorg c B. Di sana ada Vampire night. Bdk UMS jg yg handle. Pnya lama dorg mw tgglkan the room. Org mw kemas suaa. HAiiihhh. So,kira2 mw dkt kol 12 aqu and shar balek. Smpai umh like 1245.  Took shower and online. Tdo kol 2am. HAHA XD

Boy and B [Vampire Night ]

Shar and B

I have to learn from Shar how to sleep while snapping XD

Gaya model. LOL XD

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