Sunday, April 10, 2011

1st tyme work :)

Yeah. Last night was my 1st time work d Tiara Hotel. I bought long sleeved shirt and a black jeans-like on Friday. Then,i sent them to tailor. Ada adjust ckit2 laa. Hehe    Later that night,shar told me that we have to work tomoro [which was yesterday] . Adehh,kelam kabut ouhh. Even at this time my dad didnt know that im gonna work d Tiara. When did i told him ? That night jg laa. Luckily he gave green light :D That night jg i went to the tailor' house [my neighbour jg maa :) ] and asked if she could finish tomoro before 4 o'clock. She said yeaah. Lega ckitt. Huhu. So,the next day,she texted me,that baju qu siap already and it was just before 3. Damn u're good ! :D Blablabla. My dad sent me to uk 1st [that time was like 5pm sua] Shar asked me to go there because Britt still working. So,we waited for her to finish her work. Then, Shar's dad sent us to Tiara. We changed our clothes. Blablabla. Then,kak ochie [in charge] told us to wear baju kurung. Last night was  dinner night for Methanol. Alahaiii. So,tpksa pakai baju kurung hotel pnya. Damn,its so ugly ! even my grandma has prettier baju kurung. Apa laaa. Im wearing baju kurung with converse. HAHA XD rockk bebehh ! :) Shar and B wore chinese outfit :p

Finally,the guests came. Bermulalah 1 aktiviti yg  DAMN TIRED !  Yeaah. Before this aqu pn pnh kja d restoran. Start from 4pm till pling lmbt 1am. Tu mmg penat fullblast laa. huhu. So,d Tiara,from 5pm till 11pm. Ok la ckit. With baju kurung tuh,nseb bek la i didnt trip. The plate lg bsr2 gilaax. Berat lg. Has to agkt 1 tgn lg. Haiiih. Nseb bek laa muscle qu ney pnh b'train jua. :) Blablabla. I thought with my boyish appearance,tia la kna kcw. damn ! i was wrong. 'Rambut qw cam Justin Bieber' , ' uihh,kwn qu mnta num fon mu ' , 'Hye sara' [ney trick spya aqu gtw nma qu la tuh. Haiihhh. Cursed u all ! =.=  Time ney lg lpr. I only had my lunch before. Adehhh. Menahan ja this. Tp,besh laa the staff. Friendly laa. Not that sombong. Huhu.

Got 2 staff this. One is a part timer and one is the full timer. I like them both. 1 cute,1 bley2 laa. Both menarik perhatian qu. Hehe :) Getex pla aqu d sna :D Padulik apa. Hati saa maa . Hehe. Yg part timer tuh,tba2 kmi rpt pla. Last night,dya worked for another function. Aqu bhagian ballroom. Blablabla. The full timer,eya tnya aqu, 'ok kaa ? tia pnt ? ' time neyh mmg malu sua. Aqu cap laa' ok bhaa. Tggu smpai kol 11,ok or nda ;) '  Terus blahh :D

I reached at home like 1145 like that. Then,on9 lg that. Hehe :)

So,this 14th and 17th kna suh dtg lg. Alright boss ! XD Cant wait :)

me n Shar


B :)

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