Friday, April 1, 2011

Hangout wit bestie :)

Today went outing with my bestie , SHAR :) I already promised her before that i'll spend her di Old Town. So,i texted her last night. Well,bcoz she already has her licence,she picked me up laa. Hehe. First,we went to Sportmart. Wanna find sneakers. Yea. Ada nike tuh. Smart. But,got no size for me. Haihhh. So,last2 we went to uk laa. Go buy there. Ivan,her brother,followed too. Kira mcm her 'pegawai jpj' this. HAHA XD. Coz ivan laa yg byk bg arahan to her. She's like panicking ja this. Hehe. Lucu liaoo :) So,after bought shoe,we went to my ex work place. HAHA. Then,i went to Blueberry to buy snowshake coklat+jelly for my colleagues and shar+ivan . 14 cups. Sian tu auntie bwt byk2. Hehe. So,i sent tu shake pat  dorg. Even BETINA tuh pn aqu kasi beli. T terasa hati pla. Yala. Iya kn TUA. Bodoh. HAHA. So,after that,we sent ivan to school. Pastuh,went to Old Town laa. Took order. White coffee ntah pa nmanya yg blend pnya and curry mee. C shar pn ikt2 jg sama order :) Deyhh,last2 dya pla byr. She said for my birthday. Haiihh. Ney bdk arr =.= So,smbil mkn,cerita2 laa. Hehe. She drove me home. She went to kk today. So,tpksa awl laa. Hehe. Oh yaa,forgot to tell u,Ah Heng pn ada di Old Town. Luckily he didn't saw me. HAHA XD. Shar,next tyme go outing lg k ? Hehe. Wink

curry nee and white coffee ntah papa :)

order2 :p

tu pn susa ka mw order ? XD

my wallet =.=

her vivas :)

eat eat and eat !

bidaxx ?

The End :)

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