Wednesday, February 2, 2011

YEAY~ :)

Today i asked cuti from bos. I got my ujian teory [driving] at 10. My dad sent me to the AML. When i arrived there,settlekn registration,and wait for my turn. So,bila smpai wo pnyaa turn,i entered the bilik ujian. Haiyaaa. So sejuk leh. So,i had some problem time entering my ic no tuh. Tp,skjp ja. Then,aqu start with the 'buta warna' test 1st. I got full marks [im not buta warna laa ok :D] . Next,bermula la solan yg mmg bwt aqu nervous. I tried to remember everything yg aqu pnh bca and jwp. Makin nervous bila tgk masa aqu mnjwp. I stucked in few questions but i managed to answer them. After abez jwp [ 50 questions] aqu terus cek [mls mw semak g :) ] . The result kuar. I done answering all that 50 questions in 8 MINUTES . WTF ?! HAHA. Most suprisingly is i got full marks 50/50. Hell yeah ! Then,the penyelia printed out the result. For confirmation,i asked her what my total marks is. And yeah,she said 50. WOW! i never expected that. Pastuh,aqu p their office and fulfilled form yg dya suh isi. Dya cap,i'll attend bengkel moto this 20th feb. Haiihhh. Looks like i have to ask cuti from Ah Heng lg la this. Hrp2 dya bg. Potong gaji lg laa =.=

i called my friend,fatin,to tell her about this great news. Tp,she dint pick up. I guess she still sleeping leh. HAHA. Last2,she called me,but,i dint jwp bcoz d bus tyme tuh. I text her. Blablabla. Smpt lg mengumpat. HAHA. Dya tumpang happy ngn aqu. Hehe.

im done here fellows. Tomoro kja already leh =.=


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