Thursday, February 3, 2011

Merry Cina Raya :)


Hehe. Eyloww ! Merry Cina Raya [1 malaysia maa] for chinese people in Malaysia :) Gong Xi Fa Chai. Angpau lai lai. So,obviously laa Ah Heng tuh chinese kn ? Hee. Today kmi start 9 am and ended at 3pm. Well,okay. Yesterday i dint came to work. Ah Heng gave angpow ouu yesterday. HAiihh. So,i just hoping that he still keep some for me. I asked la my friends,hw much did they get ? Pkrja baru got RM50,pkerja lama,ada yg dpt angpow GAJI SEBULAN ouu.  All of sudden,Ah Heng went to our 'peti besi' room and took a red envelope from there. He walked to me and said 'ini angpow satu kasi qw' . HAHA. U know what did i said ? I said 'xiexie thank you Ah Heng,saya ingt saya tia dpt ouhh' with style tgedix2. HAHA. I knew he was smiling,but,he turned his back to me. HAHA. So,i opened it and i got fcuking RM50 ouu ! . Then,kak mar dtg and ckp that Ah Heng blnja KFC for lunch. Weeeee~ How lucky we are .  That is why i love working with him ^^ LOVE YAAA~

Waaa~ today i met my kaka agkt ouu. I miss her :( So,she text me after kmi tjmpa. Crita pnya crita,last2,tomoro dya mw blnja aqu ouu. PIZZA. HAHA. Love itt. Makin bulat la aqu :) Whatever laa. Wo hen gaoxing maa. Paduliik apaa :) So,tomoro i'll meet her leh. Yeayyy !

i wore my elmo red shirt ,jean and sneakers today :)

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