Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Dye :)

Now story about dye. My currently hair nw is golden brown. Itupun only in the bahagian dalam my front hair. I dyed my hair by myself,so,aqu tia brani mw dye the whole hair,afraid that colour nampak tompok2. I got short hair,so,its easy for me to dye them.

This month,i gonna dye my whole hair with ash brown liese colour. The great thing about Liese is it is in form of bubbly foam and  for evenly covered hair.Then,i gonna bleach and bwt cam highlight. [all by myself] . I use special hair oil to prevent my hair dari too rosak. 

these are the ash brown colour Liese.

i think im gonna buy this month. Its RM 33.50 only. I think laa. So,after i dye my hair,i'll tell u guyz :D

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