Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hari-hari yg......

waaa~ long time ody didnt update liao =.= today sunday. Halfday only. I reached home around 3 pm. I changed my clothes and went to bed. HAHA. Penat leh. I woke up almost 7pm. Hee. Suda cukup to tell u guys how tired i am. Bkn pasal apa,tidak cukup tidurr laa. Hee :)

Why tia ckup tdo ? Ney cek nak habaq kat korang :D
Last night was the closing ceremony for Hari Wilayah. My sis picked me up at work around 6pm. We went to Monegain to buy things. Blablabla. Then,we walked to Dataran Labuan. I was like wtff ? So crowded liao ! My sis lg bawa stroller[ mls mw dukung her son ] ,so,mmg susa laa. Stucked. Time neyh di gerai2 jual makanan. Shit. Last2,we didnt go to the padang,but went straight back to UK. Di sana sejuk and less crowded. My leg felt like mw tcabut already. Blablabla. We went to chicken king [traffic fcuking jammed,area UJ less people go there] and tapau only. Reached home dalam kol 10pm. Then,my dad siap2 mw jln lg. Mw buang or should i say 'pindah' kucing qu . Si Putih. Actually she's not originally born in this house. My mom pungut tu kucing di tempat kerja dya. Time tu,si Putih just delivered 6 kittens [4 only left now :( ] Now that kittens can lari2 already. So, maybe there will be no problem laa after mama dya kena kasi pindah.

Dady fed up already ngn si Putih neyh. Dya ney suka btl curi makanan. Not only di rumah kami,even 1 kg dya pg bantai. Pacek aqu [hot tempered =.= ] siap cakap lg,if he see that cat again,he gonna tetak2 dya [rumah kami bdepan jaa pn ] So,bg mengurangkan kekecohan 1 kg and mengelakkan kucing qu kena tetak and salai,better kami kasi pindah. Idea bernas dady,pindah kat pasar ikan. HAHA. Di sana mmg byk menu laa tuh :) Kami jln kol 10 tu la jg. Dady suh follow and bawa my nephew skali. Time neyh aqu mmg tired dh. Otw to,kami xsempat mw tgk fireworks,only can hear from radio laa. Blabblabla. Smpai ja di pasar ikan,dady letak si Putih and bagi makanan terus [tapau dr rumah :) ] . I can see from her face dya btl2 tkt. But,sorry Putih   . [1st time la kami buang kucing neyh ]. So nw,tggl 12 ekor la kucing kami :(

After that,dady p amik duit lu. Tggl la aqu and farris [my nephew]. Perkara biasa la for toddler aged 1 year gitu meragam. Tiba2 dya nangis. Haiyaa. Susa mw pujuk ouhh. Last2,diam jgak dya. Mybe he was sleepy already. I dont know when did he slept,because,aqu pn tertido jgak time tuh. Hee. Reached home baru sedar. Around 11pm laa. I took shower and onlined. HAHA. Sempat lg . Hee. Dlm kol 12 lbeyh bru p tdo. The next morning i woke up at 630am. So,kira2 slept for 6 hours and up only laa [ that is not enough for me ok ? =.= ]  

Now some pictures of me for view. [ ada yg no edit,MALAS]

Sekian, Terima Kasih ;)

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