Saturday, February 5, 2011


buyaaaaa~ HAHA. skali lg aqu lmbt msuk kja. Hee. C alin ckp td,she told Ah Heng that i'll be late ,then,Ah Heng ckp, 'ya,saya ada nmpk dya td ' bha,dmna lg dya nmpk aqu this? Nse bek tia kna diao ouhh :O  today saturday kn ? so,like always,mmg full la ngn org yg hangout. my old and new friends,my EX,my classmates,teachers,suma ada ouhh. Blablabla. Kena kcw g by random people. HAihhh. Fcuk leh. Today i sold two handphones. Both are CSL. Saja mw gtw. Hee.

Eeeeeeee~today i cant meet my sis ouhh. Tpksa cancel last minute. HAihhhh  Tomoro she go back to kk already ouhh. 2 months lg bru she come back here. Hope in that time can meet la. Im gonna mishyou sis. Loveyouu~ ok ! mwahhxxx!

 my beloved sis :)

Cibaiiii~ ada la muka BABI tu td d uk. SIAL. She met her cousin td[wich is also working with me ] . Then,when she left,cousin dya tnya,mna 1 ----- ----- ----- mu neyh ? I said the one with white shirt. Then,she laughed. Msty ada something. Aqu tpksa la jg text betina tuh. I asked what did she said about me to her cousin ? Then,she said nothing. I warned her td. And i said,i'll never ever forgive for what she had done. Fcuk her. Then,she rep,lupakan bnda dulu. Fcuk laa. Impossible and never ! huh . Pg MATI laaa ! 

Waaa~ today aqu berjinak2 with one of this junk food. Dont know laa what its name. It is powder like sugar packed in long plastic tube. I saw mey-mey bha mkn 1st. HAHA. Then,i bought 5 sticks [10 cent each] . Sedap la jgaa. It just that bnda tu too manis eh. After abez,i bought 3 more. HAHA. Klh c mey-mey . 

gula2 yg aqu addicted tuh :D

im done here :D
I wore black-greyish shirt,jean and sneakers :)

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