Friday, February 4, 2011

Hari Ini :)

HAHA. Today late msuk keja ouhh. Start kol 9,but,i came 925 ouh. Dr umah,jln kol 830. Dady bwa breakfast g. Order lmbt smpai. =.= Nseb bek Ah Heng tia mara. Steady maa ^^  So,today kira my kaka agkt mw jln spend pizza. Tp,last2,she just tapaukn for me. The funny thing,aqu puas kcw dya ri ney. HAHA. Sapa suru. So,abez kja awl kn,she asked me to jln2 wit her bcoz tuttttttttt. Hee. Lucu ouhh. So,tomoro mybe kmi jln lg tuh. Love itt :))

 BLABLABLAh. So,i bought the Liese hair colour td. Ash brown pnya colour. Blek umh,i washed my hair [got lil wax i used this morning] and wait till my hair dried.  Then,i followed the instructions anda starting to dye my hair. So wangii ouhh. Blablabla. I waited about 50 minutes and washed it off. The colour is not too terang laa. Then,i put nourishing lotion yg kna bgi tuh. Later i'll bleach lg tuh. But,not this early laa.Hee. 

Dyeing :)

Liese hair colour ^^

My jari kaki telunjuk pnya kuku tggl lg. Haihhh.

Well,im done here. Tomoro lg update. 
Btw,i wore bju kolar,tracksuit and sandals :)

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