Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Extreme tattoo : /

Do u guyz ever see picture of tattoo? . I mean,not the ordinary one,yg EXTRAORDINARY pnyaa. The one yg left permanent scars that ikt pattern yg kta mw. I dont know what is the name of this kind of tattoo,but,just looking at the pictures,ngilu seluruh bdn ouu. Y omputeh always minat benda yg pelik2 menyakitkan bdn ou ? for kepuasan diri ? fcuk that shit. This tattoo is made by using hot or cold iron. Then,iron tuh,letak kat ats kulit and rasanya dya nak kopek kulit tuh kot. This process rasanya mmg painful n bloody laa. Esyy. Ntah laa. Bloody shit. Bloody idiot. 

yg merah2 tuh,actualy their own flesh. Yg last skali tuh yg xthn tuh. Gilaaa wehhh~ So,i dont know about their sterilisation,but,just imagine,what if their cut ney got infected ? silap2 haribulan,blubang bdn dik oii.

pic d bwh ney,after dh healed. Scars tuh dh muncul. For me,DAMN ITS UGLY ! mencacatkan tubuh bdn adalaa. 

So,for muslim,DONT U EVER DO THIS ah. Even tattoo besa pn TAK BOLEY ! FULLSTOP.

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