Wednesday, January 26, 2011

summary :D

wo mls mw story pnjg2 woor. Bkn dpt duit pn tulis dcni. hee :p So,here u r,stories in simplest way :
1.AH HENG chopped his hair.
2. Jackie still sumbunx.
3. Johny snyum sengih2 td. =.=
4. Jackie stil sumbunx.
5. Pmpuan sial cari psl ngn aqu.
6. Jackie stil sumbunx.
7. Dady p sandakan tomoro for 3 days.
8. Jackie still sumbunx.
9. Celebrated besday c amit. [ blackforest cake with fresh cream]
10. Jackie stil sumbunx.
11. Pondan hisap l***** cari psl with one of our staff. FCUK U laa !
12, And jackie STIL SUMBUNXX !!!!

hee :) so,im done. hoho .

today i wore skinny jean,pink t-shirt and black sweater with gold stripes to work.

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