Monday, January 24, 2011

ceritera 4 today :p

holla readers!

Y'all wnna read wich story ? bout jackie ? zamri ? or my AH HENG ? haha :D Aqu story 1-1 la k. so,today,aqu planned aqu mw jual mhl ckit ara c jackie. I stopped staring at him,n pretend cam dya not exist pn . N sprti status aqu this morning,i already gave up on him although i really2 like him. Juz aggp yg dya already bpunya.   well,td he got his haircut. No wonder la dya kuar lma sgt. He went to toilet after done with his hair. Smpt lg jeling mata kat aqu td. Mybe azam tahun baru cina kot. hee :) Whatever la k. Im sory jackie. I really like u,but,spa la aqu ney kn. Aqu malay,qw chinese. N spa jg mw gurl wit short hair like me this kn ? i just wish that i can see ur face everyday. Ckup la tuh.

ADEQ ZAMRI qu sygg ! haha :D  as i was having my lunch this afternoon,my phone rang. unknown num leh. So,bla aqu jwp,that voice sounds familiar to me. AHHHHHHH~ its zamri. haha :D mmg tkjt laa. He used his brother's num to call me. hee :p Dya cap mw test,btl ka num yg aqu bg tuh,num aqu. haha. ofcoz laa sygg. Kmi borak few minutes only coz i hvent fnished my lunch yet. So,i told him to call me next tyme. His voice soo ayuu leh. SUKAA~  ILOVEYOU ADEQQ ! mwaahhhxx !

ouh,btw,i wore t-shirt,tracksuit n sandal to work. Simple kn ? haha :))

thanks for reading :p

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