Thursday, January 27, 2011

hati saya gumbira :D


He starts to give response leh. yeay ! haha :D im talking about jackie . well,today i came late for work eh. My sis la this. haiih =.= So,smpai ja,trus susun emas. Then,like always,victor suka kcw aqu. So,aqu amik ksmpatan tnya whether pmpuan sial tuh ada cap2 pa2 ka d blkg qu ? So,he just said nope. After awhile,i dnt know why my tears started to roll down. So,i walked to the toilet tunduk. I knew jackie was watching me as i walked away. After calming myself down,i just msuk kedai tuh and sat there diam2. Tia lyn c jackie pn. Ok,later that evening,my fren suh teman dya p bli rojak leh. My place tuh,if mw p mna2,have to jln dpn kaunter c jackie. So,slalunya,aqu slalu intai c jackie kja. haha :) [stalker] hee :p But,td,aqu xtgk dya. So,aqu just jln camtuh jaa. My fren was following d belakang. All of sudden,she laughed so hard this. So,i asked,y leh ? Dya cap,tyme me lalu dpn kaunter c jackie,he was staring at me n smiled. Then,my fren tuh lambai2 dpn c jackie. Terus c jackie malu2. WAAAA~~ i swore,i jumped when i heard this. MALUUU ouh me. Mmg snyum smpai telinga this. Bla kami dtg blek,aqu kontrol laa. Bwt muka serius blek. Tp,hati mmg dh b'bunga laa.
If dya m p tnds,he have to jln dpn my place too. So,bla dya kuar,smpt g tgk aqu. Then,aftr dya blek,he also tgk aqu n i just can control ,terus aqu t'ktwa this. Maluu bha. Dya pndai ouh kontrol his ktwa. Haiihh. So ego leh. Tyme mw amik cashbox pn,slalunya,with his serious face tuh,but today,awl2 already smiled. And 1st time la he actually tgk muka quh. C mai apa lg,start la kcw2 dya. Mkin laa aqu ktwaa. Dya mmg cant control already and smiled that almost laughing. YEAYY!!  And td aqu sndiry tnmpk dya intai2 pat aqu. lol. iloveyou laa. :) So,tomoro,DEAR JACKIE ,please dont be too sumbunx lg or i wont layan u lg. FULLSTOP.

Today,i got many things to do  before 9pm. Lipat kain,cuci kain,jemur kain n feed my cats. Know why? bcoz crita S3RAM starts kol 9. Hee :p So,i managed to finish all that before 9. I had my dinner in front of the tv leh. Im updating my blog also dpn tv. HAHA

i wore kemeja coklat,skinny jean and sneakers :)

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