Sunday, January 30, 2011

just read laa :)


waa~ two days already i dint update ouu. Tired after working leh. Huhu. Hmm. im kinda heartbroken right nw. Today,i asked victor leh whether jackie already has gf or not. Haiyaa. Smpt lg ou kcw2. hoho. Then,dya jwp laa,'rsanya ada woor' . Then,he asked, y tnya. Aqu jwp ja la teda pa2. So,since there,dya start kcw2. Whenever ada c jackie,he's like 'ehem ehem' . Adeehh. Maluu ou me. I told him not to tell jackie about what i just asked. So,yeahh. I'll not kcw u g jack after this. Promise .

U all know kak yati right ? one of the workers there. She already married and has son named mey-mey [that his nickname actually] :) . She has to bring her son nw everyday bcoz no one jaga his son ouu. So,bla ada c mey-mey,scara automatis wo akn jd babysitter. LOL. Manyak nakal ou this budak. Charge overloaded already this. Suka lari2. Just imagine laa,shoping mall bha that. Ramai org lg. But,this boy tkt sma 2 org. 1st his uncle,2nd c AH HENG laa. haha :D Ah Heng suka ou kcw2 ney budak. And,that is the only time u can see him laughing and smiling leh.

aksi c mey-mey :)

c mai :)

the one yg tia pkai tudung tuh,kak mar,kaka c mai :D

So,im done here. Tomoro g update. Pnt already. Esk mw kja g :) 
Btw,i wore blue shirt,jean n sandal today

Off to bed nw. Sleepy leh.