Friday, June 10, 2011

LIfe in Labuan Matriculation college [PART 2]

So,sambung PART 2 dari PART 1 .

Im in room B G.8 [Block B,Ground floor , Room no. 8 ]
The room was okay laa.
But,dusty berabish at first.
Dkt jaa ngn tandas. Senang ckit laa manatw ada KUMBAHAN yg masih bersisa di usus. HAHA.

My bed. POOH ^^

Study table :)

1st outing,okay. 2nd outing,cam shialll dowhh.
Outing outfit lw dpt seskema yg mungkin.
And the securities were sooo damn rude. 
Cant meh tegur in a polite way? Mw jua guna bahasa yg MEMANASKAN telinga ka?
Patut laa jadi security. =.=
3rd outing,which is today,okay laa.
Now if mw stay over d umh,have to isi online form like 3 days before u go out =.=
Then,u have to check it again to know whether kena approve or not.
So,this week,kena approve aqu.
Ney pn balek coz mumy suh [mumy just came back from Seremban for her cuti semester. Dya sambung belajar sana which will end this July.]
If not,i just go back home and go back to college before 6pm. Huhu.

Sory,teda picts of them. But,yeahhh. They are fun i tell you :)
And to be honest , out of all 4 of us,im the LAZIEST one. HAHA.

Each Wednesday kami ada KoK.
And our class kena Softball.
Last time i played Softball when i was in Form 2. HAHA.
But then,main,lama2 okay laa. Hehe ^^
And lecture for KoK pn sporting this.

Bha,thats all. Dont know what to type lagi. Hehe ^^

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