Friday, June 10, 2011

LIfe in Labuan Matriculation college [PART 1]

Its been 2 weeks + since my 1st day in this college. The next week after orientation week,kuliah start.
Course yg kena tawarkan,Modul 1 which is Biology,Physics,Chemistry and Mathematics.
Im a PST [Program Satu Tahun] student.
Which means i have to struggle more.
Arghhhh =.=

This is my SCHEDULE.Bley tahan laa. Start 730am and end at 430pm. Break twice,one hour each.
Chemistry a bit faster at the beginning.
But then,i can catch up.
Yg paling spoiled nya,PHYSICS.
The lecture is soo bored ouhh.The lecturer yg cam blurr2 neyh.
Kami apa lg, lg laa bored.
Till nw,each time Physics lecture,aqu tdo.
Hehe ^^
Harap time tutorial ja this mw fam. HUhu.

2nd,kami paling tia suka PRAKTIKUM. Any praktikum.
y ?
coz mw bwt LAB REPORT.
Kin pns especially part discussion.
What even they want ahh ? I never get what its point the discussion part even exist since my secondary school.
Paling2 pn,copy from reference book jaa. Hehe ^^
Di college teda ouhh. All by ourselves. Well,that's college right ? =.=

Then,the TOILETS.
That day,3 days teda air. Luckily,ground floor ada spare air.
Mengangkut air laa qu p toilets.
Tia sanggup mandi di luar. Huhu.
Then,toilets at ground floor teda lampu.
Few days after our first day[1st day memang gelap laa] there,ada.
Nahh,after few days,teda sua.
But,nvm. Kami besa sua mandi b'gelap. Pro sua neyh. LOL.

Here,u have to have a veryyyy good stamina to run from ur lecture hall to the cafetaria. LOL
Coz,if kmo lmbt,nahh~ barisan ke-50 laa jwpnya.
Just imagine laa,we have 3 cafetaria [2 for the girls block and 1 for the boys' ].the students are like 2000+ and most of the boys will eat at our cafe [maybe lbeyh sedap. HAHA.].
So,mmg mw rush laa. Hee.
At night,sometimes the food habis.Aigooo.
Mkn megy laa jwpnya. LOL.


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